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Custom RTD Detectors,Sub-Assemblies, and Thermometers

Have a custom application?

Sensing Devices LLC has over 30 years experience specializing in building finished probes and sub-assemblies to meet each customer's specific requirements. Please give us a call for help with your application needs at (717) 295-2311.

Sensing Devices LLC services many customers within the following industries:



Dye or die? Trying to establish a definitive line over the competition? SDI can provide you the close tolerance needed to prevent runs and blurs on temperature sensitive coloring processes used by today's manufacturers.



Want more control, better efficiency, and reduce PM costs? Accurate monitoring of flow could be the answer and it begins with accurate temperature control. Proper temperature monitoring allows for a smoother flow, reduces pipe ruptures, and can eliminate unnecessary shut down time. From Canada to South America, Europe to Africa, and Asia to Australia, SDI's custom thermometers have helped our customers lead the way.


Food and Dairy:

Preserve your edge over the competition with some of the most accurate RTD's available. From continent to continent, you'll see the difference the right choice of sensor can provide. Don't let your cargo spoil today! Whether it's transportation, refrigeration or process control, the right RTD is the answer.



Can't take any chances? SDI can manufacture your custom design sensors where temperature is most critical. TAT (Total Air Temperature) & PITOT sensors made to the most stringent requirements for today and tomorrow's aerospace and defense. Some examples are engine oil sensor assemblies that are designed around our customer's specifications and are successfully used on military helicopters, and custom designed heater assemblies that prevent airplane wings from icing. Teamed with research institutes, SDI's sensors allow for in-place re-calibration of infrared temperature measurement on tomorrow's newest satellites.



With energy demands steadily increasing, major efforts are needed to expand output as well as improve efficiency. Temperature plays a major role in both these areas. From Nuclear and Hydroelectric power to the newest clean follil fuel plant designs, SDI manufactured RTD's, custom assemblies and finished probes are proven to be reliable and accurate.



Controlling, balancing, and monitoring the flow of thermal energy is critical. Typical HVAC applications run less than eight hours at peak flow. Capturing the extremely low flow rates associated with trickle or low flow intervals are now the most critical to detect. SDI RTD's are used to capture these rates resulting in measurable energy savings. We also supply "matched" sets of thermometers used in differential measurements that provide better than 0.021 degrees Celsius (0.037°F